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A Buyer's Guide to the East Bay

As Bay Area home prices continue to rise, San Francisco living becomes increasingly less realistic for many people and families who aspired to be future homeowners. The East Bay's growing prestige, flourishing neighborhoods, incredible foodie scene and affordable prices could be the answer to all of your dreams. Contact me to learn more!

The Stats:

San Francisco has it all: close to your work, delivery everything from your favorite Thai restaurant to your dry cleaning, and great a nightlife scene. That is all great but lets be real, living like sardines isn't for everyone. Many East Bay neighborhoods can offer you all of those things with its great public transportation, trendy restaurants, accessible hiking trails AND it can give you more space to think, breathe and grow. Maybe even enough space to finally give your Goldendoodle or Bernese Mountain Dog the backyard it deserves.

San Francisco Price Per Square Foot Stats in 2018 according to MLS data:

East Bay Price Per Square Foot Stats in 2018 according to MLS data:

Statistics show that even in San Francisco's most affordable areas, East Bay neighborhoods can give you much more bang for your buck. In 2018, San Francisco average price per square foot is over $1,000 for both condos and single family homes. East Bay averages at just under $600 per square foot for both condos and single family homes and that is just accounting for the interior and not additional pluses like parking and backyards! That is a LOT more house for your money!

The Amenities:

No matter what you are looking for in your next community, the East Bay is sure to have a neighborhood that meets your expectations.

Hiking & Outdoor Activities

Are you looking for a place where you can get your adventure on? Step outside our new front door and explore the 87 parks within 10 miles of this neighborhood! Not to mention there are so many dog parks that even if you don't have a dog, you can still get your dog fix in.

Schools & Education:

Already have a few little wee ones running around or plan to have some in the future? Rockridge may be the place for you! With above average public schools in the area, Rockridge also has access to 69 private schools and 8 charter schools within 5 miles.


City Life: Food & Convenience

Moving from the big city can be a big shock but it doesn't mean that you have to give up your bachelor(ette) lifestyle! Neighborhoods like Jack London Square and Lake Merritt are ranked with some of the all time best restaurants and convenience amenities in the Bay Area. With grocery stores, coffee shops, gyms and dry cleaners on every block you don't have to go far...ever. There is even a SoulCycle in Berkeley!

I think we can all agree, food is life and the East Bay will not disappoint with its wide array of cuisines. Lake Merritt has an astounding 243 restaurants with 4+ star ratings within 5 miles and Jack London Square has 235

The East Bay is full of hidden gems waiting to be uncovered! If you are interested in learning more about your option in any East Bay neighborhood, give me a call!


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